Marin Gherman –the director of the Institute of Political Studies and Social Capital (Chernivtsi, Ukraine), PhD in Political Science. In 2010 he graduated with honors from Yuriy Fedkovych Chernivtsi National University, and in 2014 he defended his PhD thesis “Theories of social capital in studies of European integration processes of the post-socialist societies (on the example of Ukraine and Romania)”. He is the founder and editor-in-chief of the Media Center BucPress, which provides audiovisual and information services.

Marin Gheramn hosts the political and analytical programs of the Main Editorial Office of the programs in foreign languages on the Ukrainian Radio. He has authored a row of studies published in the domestic and international professional journals; the co-author of five scientific monographs: “Civil society and social capital in the new member-states of the European Union” (Chernivtsi: Technodruk, 2015); “Sprache Politik und Konflikte in der Ukraine, Republik Moldau und Georgien” (Language Policy and Conflicts in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and Georgia) (Leipzig, 2017); “Ethnocultural and ethnopolitical landscape of the border regions of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania: historical retrospective and current conditions” (Chernivtsi: Technodruk, 2018); “At the educational crossroads: dialogue with national minorities in Chernivtsi and Transcarpathia regions” (Drohobych: Track-LTD, 2020); “COVID-19. Dimensiuni ale gestionării pandemiei” (COVID-19. The dimensions of pandemic management), (Iasi: Junimea, 2020).

He has worked as a political consultant, managed the election headquarters, and coordinated the information campaigns and press analysis projects. The EU cross-border projects’ or the Western grant programs’ manager.

Field of studies: theory and practice of social capital accumulation, European integration processes in the CEE countries, information processes, media evolution, Ukrainian-Romanian relations and modern geopolitical processes.